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Greek/ Corfu driving tips


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Tips for safe and easy driving in Corfu Island:


-Obey the speed limits
-Drive carefully and slow down when it’s raining
-Use your ‘danger lights’ before parking
-Parking on yellow lines is prohibited
-You cannot use your mobile phone whilst driving
-It is prohibited to drive if you have consumed alcohol or used any kind of drugs
-Driver and all passengers must wear a seatbelt.
-Children under 6 years or age or 1,35m of height must be seated in child seat
-Beep sparingly
-Prepare cash for gas stations
-Keep an eye out for strikes and demonstrations
-Understand how zebra crossings work here
-Look out for signage
-Carry all necessary paperwork and documentation
-Have always with you your driving license and passport or id
-Take note of emergency numbers
-You do not have to use lights during day
-Parking on Corfu is easy and most of the times free
Just mind to park correctly and lock the car before leaving it

Maximum speed limits in Greece:

-Urban areas: 50 kms/hour
-Open roads: 80 kms/hour



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